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Once upon a time I was playing around with SVG and wanted to publish my SVG files. However sites like blogspot and wordpress don't allow JavaScript enabled SVG... At first I dropped this content into a 'war' file onto a free server on Google's appspot. Then got myself a free Joyent node machine, however... Joyent moved to nodejitsu and became unusable. Lived a while at Heroku (nothing wrong but, 'limited amount of logging, etc.). Then decided to drop an antique PC fitted with a 100GB SSD into my metering cupboard. Here we are. Most of this travel is documented at: this blog.

Patersons Worms in svg

Paterson's worms are a family of cellular automata devised in 1971 by Mike Paterson and John Horton Conway to model the behaviour and feeding patterns of certain prehistoric worms. In the model, a worm moves between points on a triangular grid along line segments, representing food. Its turnings are determined by the configuration of eaten and uneaten line segments adjacent to the point at which the worm currently is.

Patersons worms are described in some more detail here: blogpost on Patersons Worms.

For an interactive version click on the picture below:

Morellet 'Tirets'

Morellet 'Tirets' are paintings with parallal lines at various angles. The optical illusion associated with them is the appearance of circles.

Described in some more detail here: blogpost on Morellet 'Tirets'.

For an interactive version click on the picture below:

Hacking attempts

When connected to the internet, noticed that numerous attempts are made to logon to my system using plain ssh. got really really curious to which password and recompiled pam_unix to log these. Results are available at Hacking attempts. Enriched some of the lastb information with GeoIP information:

Statistics on Internet Penetration

Statistics as provided by the World Bank plotted using D3.

Visualizing Number Theory

A (very brief) overview of some visualizations for Number Theory. Visualized Number Theory

Introduction to SVG

Getting started to understand SVG: Introduction to SVG

Backgrounds on URL's

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Why??? Another playground

Switched to nginx and https using letsencrypt

Configuring https using letsencrypt in nginx is almost trivial

Disassembled botnet

sysd.txt See my blog


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