Postal Code Demo

This is a simple map showing the main coordinates of dutch postal codes.

<svg width="1000" height="1030" version="1.1" xmlns="" onload="Init()"> 
  <script type="text/ecmascript">   <![CDATA[
    var evtT1;
    function Init(evt)
       evtT1 = document.getElementById("evtText1");

    function Highlight(evt)
    {"opacity", "1.0");"fill", "red");"r", "4");
       evtT1.firstChild.nodeValue = "Mouse over postcode: " +,"postcode");
    function Unhighlight(evt)
    {"opacity", "0.8");"fill", "white");"r", "2");
       evtT1.firstChild.nodeValue = "";
<rect x="0" y="0" width="100%" height="100%" fill="#101010"/>

<g font-size="24px" font-family="Arial" stroke="white" fill="white" > 
        <text x="20" y="20" id="evtText1"> </text> 

<circle cx="442.1889343261719" cy="406.83635787963914" r="2" fill="white" opacity="0.8" postcode="1011" onmouseover="Highlight(evt);" onmouseout="Unhighlight(evt);"   />
<circle cx="440.47754669189453" cy="406.1656425476079" r="2" fill="white" opacity="0.8" postcode="1012" onmouseover="Highlight(evt);" onmouseout="Unhighlight(evt);"   />
<circle cx="845.1815605163574" cy="71.40501480102586" r="2" fill="white" opacity="0.8" postcode="9998" onmouseover="Highlight(evt);" onmouseout="Unhighlight(evt);"   />
<circle cx="836.4022636413574" cy="76.79995422363328" r="2" fill="white" opacity="0.8" postcode="9999" onmouseover="Highlight(evt);" onmouseout="Unhighlight(evt);"   />
It will show up like (drag circles):

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